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Accessible taxi: wheelchair taxi Amsterdam

With the wheelchair from Schiphol to a hotel in Amsterdam? Want to make a nice tour through the Netherlands and Belgium? From the Amsterdam area to another airport? Accessible taxi makes it possible. With our wheelchair taxi we transport people in a wheelchair to destinations such as the hospital, care home or the airportdaily daily. This concerns, for example, the elderly, people and children with a disability. The taxi can pick up to three people in wheelchairs, with three extra seats. Or a person in the wheelchair, with five people in seats next to it. This way you can really get on the road together thanks to Accessible taxi.

Other taxi services at Accessible taxi Amsterdam

In addition to the wheelchair taxi, we have a larger fleet at Accessible taxi Amsterdam. For example, it is possible to be driven at our taxi company in a luxury sedan (S-class) or a taxi bus that can accommodate up to eight people. All our cars are new and well-maintained. Good to use for (inter) national journeys, sightseeing tours through the Netherlands and Belgium, or just as nice as business transportation. Whatever you want from us, everything can be arranged with Accessible taxi Amsterdam!

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